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  • INDIA’S HIGHEST BUNGY (jump height: 83 mtrs).
    INDIA’S MOST EXTREME GIANT SWING (jump height: 83 mtrs).
    AND ASIA'S LONGEST FLYING FOX (length: 1 km; Speed: 140-160 kmph).
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4000 3550 per adult


Bungee Jumping is one of the popular adventure sports performed with great zeal, passion and excitement in almost every country present across the globe. With increasing popularity amongst the youth, this sport has gained momentum in India too. With Rishikesh being an ideal location for adventure lovers, bungee jumping too can be performed here. The town is equipped with necessary infrastructure, international coaches and quaint settings to foster this mind-boggling sport.

The question that pops up is what ‘Bungee Jumping’ is and why it is so exciting? As the name suggests it is an adventurous activity wherein the person is tied up with an elastic cord and jumps from a tall structure. This tall structure could be any man made fixed or movable object like Crane, building, bridge, Hot air balloon or helicopter. Bungee Jumping as an activity becomes exciting as one jump from the designated structure, the elastic cord elongates and the jumper feels as if he is flying up and down. Here the catch is ‘elastic cord’ which recoils and oscillates due to the force and the process continues till all the energy dispels. The jumper senses a mixture of fear, excitement, ecstasy and awe during that short duration.

Rishikesh is a home of incredible wonders. Jump in Heights is the name of the spot that offers bungee jumping to the adventurers. It is well-known as India’s Highest Bungee Jumping Point because of its jump height i.e. 83 meters from the fixed structure. The jumping platform here is constructed on a rocky hill and faces one of the tributaries of River Ganga i.e. Hall. The picturesque views around the bungee platform are awesome and attract photographers. Jumpers get goose bumps before they gear up for the jump. This bungee is especially designed by David Allardice from New Zealand and is operated by a team of international jump masters from the country.

In order to enjoy this exciting adventure sport, one has to meet certain requirements as prescribed by the International bungee coaches. Following are some of the important things to do before gearing up for the adventure:

·      Jumpers can reach the spot themselves or they can hire the services of available Bungee coach to assist on complete adventure.

·      Entry tickets are available at ‘Jump in Heights’ and only jumpers can access the bridge section.

·      Read the instructions provided by the coach during their briefing session on safety and bungee jumping process.

·      Weight and age are considerable points here. Age should be over 12 years and body weight ranges between 40 to 110 Kg. Any other medical conditions, if any, must be intimated to the crew via the application form. Applications are thoroughly vetted by the crew and must meet the pre-requisites of Bungee Jumping.

·      The rubber cord is tied to the ankles of Jumper and his chest is securely harnessed.

After the complete gear up, the jumper walks to the jump zone and gets intoxicated by the most unusual experience of his life from Bungee Jumping. Furthermore, the jumper is lowered down to the river drop zone and is entitled to get a ‘Dare to Jump’ certificate from the Coach. Enjoy the scenic views during the trek from the drop zone to cafeteria and commemorate the achievement. The photographs and DVDs of Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh shall be cherished forever and remind them their most daring encounters in life.



PRICE Per Person (Including GST)

Booking Advance (Per person INR)

Entry Ticket



Bus/Coach (Pick n Drop)



Bungee / Bungy Jump



Giant Swing



Flying Fox (In Tandem)



Combo 1 (Bungee + Swing)



Combo 2 (Bungee + Flying Fox)



Combo 3 (Swing + Flying Fox)



Thrilogy (All 3 Activities)



Must Read

·      Bus/Coach timing: 9:30 am, 11:00 am, 01:00 pm and 2:30 pm

·      Bungee Jump: Height 83 meters, Age (Minimum 12 yrs), Weight (Minimum 40 kg, Maximum 110 kg)

·      Flying Fox: Length 1 KM, Jump Platform 120 mtrs high, Speed Fly @ 140 Kmph, Age (Minimum 12 yrs), Weight (Minimum 20 kg, Maximum 130 kg)

·      Giant Swing: Age (Minimum 12 yrs), Weight (Minimum 30 kg, Maximum 120 kg)

·      Afore-mentioned Advance amount is required for the bookings.

·      Booking would not be treated confirmed if above said advance is not been deposited.

·      During all the weekends in High season (March to June), Saturdays and Sundays are fully equipped. So make sure to get your bookings done well in advance.

·      On Saturdays & Sundays, Entry is upto 11 am.

·      Activities are on queue basis.

·      Customers may have to wait for 4-5 hours for their Bungee Jump or Giant Swing or Flying Fox activity execution.

·      Weekdays from Mon to Fridays are more comfortable in delivering the services.


NOTE: Before making the payment, you are agreeing to our Booking Cancellation Terms

•	STEP 1 - Select plan from the above given table and Call 8839154688 to ask the availability on the desired date.”
•	STEP 2 - To make the bookings, deposit the booking advance (mentioned in above table) to the below payment in web site
•	Payment done in website only (
•	STEP 3 - Once the payment is done and amount is reflected in our account, a confirmation mail will be sent to you mentioning your payment status (balance, advance, etc), activity manager's mobile numbers, dates, etc. Plus your booking details will also be sent to Activity Manager and... your booking is done.

ADDRESS: JUMP ZONE, Village Mohan Chatti,, Rishikesh.

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